Knot of Welcome, Warmth and Family.







Where we’ll be!


Armadillo Christmas Bazaar  This is our wonderful Christmas show in Austin TX.  Come by for some of the best music in the country while shopping from over 150 artists.


Production is shut down during this trip, but stock supplies allowing, the on-line shops stay open until last day of shipping.  Please do check the on-line shops or email.













Scarborough Renaissance Festival  April-May: Just outside of Dallas TX, this 30+ year show is a great family event!


We commute to this show, leaving home around noon on Friday.  On Sunday after cannon, a quick put it all away and ‘Home by Midnight” is the mantra.  Production continues Monday through Thursday.


Hinsdale Fine Arts Festival  June: NEW SHOW 2017...So not a clue but pretty darn excited!  We'll be leaving for Chicago a week early!


Chicago Scots’ Scottish Festival and Highland Games  June:  A run up to Chicago to sell art while watching young men and women throwing heavy things!  Ha!  Many other interesting events and contests with Scottish and Celtic themed artists and vendors.


But really, this is Coop’s, 'Go home to Chicago, visit family and eat his favorite foods' trip. We don’t travel with our tools for this show, but Katrina usually brings shipping supplies so orders can be mailed out.


Dublin Irish Festival   First Weekend in August: A most wonderful event put on by the City of Dublin, a bedroom community north of Columbus OH.  Music, dance contests, art, food, historical setups…a wonderful way to spend a day…or weekend!


This is the beginning of our “Summer Tour”.  We pack up all of Coop’s production tools, a couple thousand board feet of cedar, Katrina’s wood burning tools, office/shipping set-up and household everything for people and animals.  We leave home late July, stop for the weekend in Dublin, head to Maryland, set-up, do 9 weeks of show, tear down and head home around the first week in Nov.


Maryland Renaissance Festival  August, September, October: This show is still a tightly juried art show, so you will find many unique items, most being sold by the artist themselves.  The site is a beautifully wooded village, that toward the end of the show becomes even more spectacular with the seasonal changing of the leaves.


We are in full production mode and Katrina has the shipping set-up.  This is a good time to order if you are wanting gifts for Christmas. While we have the shops open through the Christmas season, this gives us plenty of time to get stuff made before the rush of relocating and prepping for TRF.


Texas Renaissance Festival  November: We only do guest weekends here, usually the Celtic weekend and sometimes the last, “Celtic Christmas Weekend”  This is a magnificent physical show/site, it has been growing for over 30 years.  While the shops have gone to mainly imports, if you look hard enough they have a few artists sprinkled throughout.  This place is LARGE and you can spend days walking and still not see it all!  (Katrina tends to get lost when fetching food…Ha!)


Please, if you are near one of the shows, come say hello.  But if you can’t make it, our on-line shops are always (almost) available!

Mark Cooper at the Signs of Spirits booth at the Scarborough Renaissance Faire in Waxahatchie TX.
Blessed Be Wood Carving