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Signs of Spirit's first Blog in our new Shop!

Posted by Katrina on Feb 14th 2014

Hello Friends!

Katrina has been working on setting up a new shop with  I have NO idea how this is going to work, but it is/has been/will be an adventure! 

It all started when we had to switch from the wonderful guy, Scott Margolin who had been taking care of Coop's credit card business for about 15 years.  For some reason the banks that run the processing equipment took away some critical features and we were working without the ability to take credit cards.  Not Acceptable!  So, we switched to Square on Scott's advice and have been very impressed.  While signing up for square, I had read that I can do all kinds of neat things like set up an inventory...ooooh yeah!  Then, when I was looking into that, I found I can have an online store...aah, but no international shipping...but if I go to BigCommerce I can do International Shipping...and there you have it...why I've been sitting on my butt in front of the computer for 3 days... 

Now. I'm not all the way done.  With some expert help from a nice young man named Chad, I got the Etsy inventory migrated here.  But, nothing is ever easy, of course, so I'm having to tweak all 180+ wood carvings.  Sigh, it is still better then loading 180+ items from scratch.  

So, even tho I'm not fully finished tweaking, I'm going to see if I can activate this puppy now!  The goal is to eventually be able to link this site as the shopping basket for our own site, But that is for another day.