Inspired Wood Carvings ~ Wall Art hand carved from Western Red Cedar

Inspired Wood Carvings from Western Red Cedar


We offer designs in broad categories of Spiritual, Cultural and Celtic...often the symbol can be in more then one category! 



Thank you for visiting us. We offer hand carved, single pieces of Western Red Cedar symbolizing Light, Love, Joy, Peace Exhilaration, Ecstasy, Freedom or the Creator of the Universe…for you to hang on your wall.  

Because we love finding the joy and beauty in each path the human spirit can follow, we incorporate as many as we can adapt to our art form. We believe that spirituality brings us together in love, rather than isolating us in condescension and self righteousness.  

On some pieces, it is possible for Katrina to adorn the carving with wood burned designs or painted backdrops to enhance the symbolism. 



We offer designs in the broad categories of Spiritual, Cultural and Celtic…although often the symbol can fall under more then one category! 

Within Spiritual you can find many of the worlds religious and spiritual paths represented. 

Cultural offers iconic symbols from the worlds of Literature, Music, Modern Media. 

The Celtic category has knot work from ancient traditional works as well as more modern Celtic style designs.  

Many of our new creations begin as requests from friends and customers. Should you be interested in something custom made, please email us with a picture (if you have it) or your idea. Please include a phone number so if there are complex questions Coop needs answered, he can call.  



While we have the meanings of the knots here, the Celts had an oral tradition, we know the basics, but have found, as we work with the knots, exploring their shape and flow, the meaning will come to us. This has happened often when we create new symbols. This ambiguity of meaning can also apply to carvings that are not knots! Some symbols will be adapted from one culture to another, changing the meaning over the generations. 

The point is, Symbols are like Beauty, meaning is often “In the eye of the beholder” and while we may know historically, or from our perspective, always follow YOUR heart when a symbol speaks to you. 

We attempt to offer symbols from as many paths as possible. Sometimes we can not easily adapt a symbol to our art form without changing it significantly…anything with what Coop calls “floaters” (Yin Yang, Bass Clef, Chinese character and Japanese kanji to list a few). Sometimes adaptation can be made with other forms of artwork added (painting, resin).