Fairy Star of Enchantment-Wiccan Feri-Elven Star-Kabbalah Sphere of Netzach

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MEANING: Signifies Enchantment and Wizardry and is frequently seen in illustrations of the Tarot.  The Star of Enchantment is a continuously drawn figure having seven points, called a septagram. While not as widely used as the pentagram, it is a sacred symbol to Wiccans who follow the Feri (Fairy, Fae or Faery) tradition, where it is called the Elven or Fairy star.

The seven points represent: 

The Sun: Procreator of life, the spark of regeneration, and the divine spark that burns within each of us.

The Forest/Woods: Embraces the life, fertility, powers of abundance and generosity of the Forest (undeveloped, untamed) environment.

The Sea: The sea drives the weather of the world and, as the birthplace of life on earth, its waters represent the waters within the womb and the blood that flows through our veins. It is from the Sea that dreams, intuition and emotions arise

Magic: The Fae are believed to be Magic in and of themselves, which includes everything from the profoundly simple Magic of a snowflake to the more complex but natural Magic of crossing through the veil, immortality, shape-shifting, granting boons and wishes, cursing and hexing, and such. It is not a matter of understanding Magic, but of living Magic.

The Moon: Here the Moon represents the Goddess, the bringer of light and giver of life to the Sun God. She lights the dark night skies and creates the tides. The Moon governs the Goddess mysteries, women’s health, the home, children, prophetic dreams, reincarnation, sleep, and emotional healing. When she is waxing, she governs growth and sensuality, including increasing things such as good luck, money, and love. When she is full, she governs emotions and the psychic, such as divination. When she is waning, she governs the spiritual, the underworld, death and transformation, including banishing, binding and eliminating things such as negativity, bad habits, disease, and obstacles.

The Wind: Wind as an elemental encompasses constant movement, while Air is both movement and stillness. From light, playful breezes to cruel, punishing hurricanes, Wind elementals are never still.

Connection/Spirit: This is the point where heaven and earth, spirit and matter are conjoined. It is where all; Nature, Fae and Humans are the embodiment of Divinity. Nature and the Fae are our greatest spiritual teachers, showing us how we are all interconnected and how accessible deity is–in the world around us and within us.

In addition to the Wiccan meaning, the septagram is important in Western Kabbalah, where it symbolizes the Sphere of Netzach , the seven planets, the seven alchemical metals, and the seven days of the week.



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