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Pentacle Altar Box-Protection, Ritual Tool, Wiccan Pagan Altar Cabinet

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MEANING: A Pentacle contains and protects. Each point of the star represents a different element; Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. The circle symbolizes eternity and infinity, the cycles of life and nature. The circle touching all 5 points indicates that the Spirit, Earth, Water, Air and Fire are all connected. As the circle touches each point, it puts each element into a relationship with all the others, thus it is a symbol of the holistic relationship between Human Spirituality and the Physical Universe.

Cabinet can be used to hold ritual tools, oils, etc.

THE CARVING: The door is carved from a single piece of western red cedar. The back of the cabinet is keyholed for hanging on the wall, the bottom is smooth and edges rounded for being placed on a table top. The cabinet can be ordered with 1 or 2 shelves and hinged on the left or right. Each piece is finished with a blend of clear oils that brings out the natural color of the wood. For more information on the process of creation, please see my profile. Any of Coop’s carvings can be used in the cabinet doors. Please inquire if you have a symbol you would like in a cabinet, but don’t see listed.

SIZE: The overall cabinet measurement will be approximately 12 3/4" wide, and 5 1/4" deep. The height measurement will vary but averages 14" high. The shelf depth is 3". If you are interested in deeper shelves or a different height, please contact for custom order.