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Tree of Life Cabinet -Celtic Wood Carved Knot -Yggdrasil -World Tree

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MEANING:  In the Celtic culture, the Tree of Life (Crann Bethadh in Gaelic) symbolizes strength, longevity and wisdom.  It depicts the connections between Earth, the Spirit World and the Universe.

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil ("The Terrible One's Horse"), also called the World Tree, is the giant ash tree that links and shelters all the worlds. Beneath the three roots the realms of Asgard, Jotunheim, and Niflheim are located. Three wells lie at its base: the Well of Wisdom (Mímisbrunnr), guarded by Mimir; the Well of Fate (Urdarbrunnr), guarded by the Norns; and the Hvergelmir (Roaring Kettle), the source of many rivers. 

The Tree of Life also symbolizes the endurance of Time. 

In this version of Katrina’s Tree of Life, Coop carves the Tree symmetrically, the top reflects the bottom and the left mirrors the right.  This can invoke a feeling of balance and completeness. 

Cabinets are not always in stock and will probably have to be made.  Please allow for an extra 2 weeks.  Contact us if you have a time limit and we will see what our work load will allow.


The door is carved from a single piece of western red cedar. The cedar allows the cabinet to be used in warm, moist places and will work as a bathroom medicine cabinet or in the kitchen as a spice rack.  

The back of the cabinet is keyholed for hanging on the wall, the bottom is smooth and edges rounded for being placed on a table top. The cabinet can be ordered with 1 or 2 shelves and hinged on the left or right. 

Each piece is finished with a blend of clear oils that brings out the natural color of the wood. For more information on the process of creation, please see my profile.

Any of Coop’s patterns can be incorporated into a cabinet door, if you have a symbol that we don’t have listed, please contact us.


The overall cabinet measurement will be approximately 12 3/4" wide, and 5 1/4" deep. The height measurement is about 21 5/8“ high. The shelf depth is 3". If you are interested in deeper shelves or a different height, please contact for custom order.