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MEANING: There are few creatures in the ocean that capture our imaginations quite like the Octopus. These cephalopods are the living embodiment of the ocean’s mystery and have been a source of wonder and fascination for centuries. Their unusual bodies, undulating arms, and uncanny ability to disguise themselves have been the inspiration behind some of the world’s most legendary monsters, including the Kraken of Scandinavia and the Lusca of the Bahamas.

Today, octopuses are widely regarded as the most intelligent invertebrates in the ocean. We now know that octopuses can solve problems, remember solutions, navigate complex mazes, and take things apart just for fun. They’re also masters of disguise and can instantaneously change their skin color and texture to match their surroundings while their soft, pliable bodies can fit into impossibly small spaces.

As an Animal Totem, being water-dwelling creatures, the octopus symbolize purity, emotion, psychic and creativity. The Octopus Spirit Guide is also known to be symbolic of a keen spiritual psyche and inspires others to channel theirs.

Water Element carries the attributes of Purity, Psyche, Motion, Emotion, Fluidity, Intuition, Creativity, Flexibility, for several reasons. It is influenced by the wax and wane of the moon, and the moon is associated with psyche, intuition and emotion. The moon and water are also feminine or yin attribute. As water takes the form in which it is held – this makes it symbolic of flexibility, adaptability and creativity.


Our carvings are single pieces of western red cedar, designed and carved to be wall hangings.  Each carving begins as a 1 X 12 inch cedar board.  While we use power tools (Scroll Saw, Rotary shaft Tool, handheld detail sanders etc.), we use no laser’s, CNC machines or computer operated cutting machines.  All work is done with our hands and eyes… 

We cut the 2 dimensional blanks with scroll and jig saws (double-sized custom orders have to be cut with jigsaw). Carving is done with rotary shaft tools and disc grinders. The 80 grit sanding is the final phase of the carving process, removing the nicks and gouges from the carving tools, and finishes the shaping of the weave. The next 2 sandings with 120 then 220 grit finishes the smoothing and polishing. They are finished with Clear Danish Oil to seal the piece, bringing out the grain and the color.


Full size: 11 Inches High X 10.25 Inches Wide

Miniature: 8.5 Inches High X 7.75 Inches Wide


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  • 5
    Prefect Pod!

    Posted by Kathryn Poe on Oct 5th 2020

    I am thrilled with my octopus carving. The grain is beautiful and he's the prefect size to go just about anywhere. Excellent work!!!

  • 5
    Octopus carving

    Posted by Lillian Bucholz on Jul 18th 2019

    First class wood carving. Product was delivered on time as promised. Well packaged. Its beautiful! I will use this vendor again.